Designed for use one to two times per week, based on your skin care therapist’s recommendation, each masque provides a dramatic boost to the skin.

Whether you require super-deep cleansing, or intensive moisture therapy, Dermalogica's masques are the ideal regimen supplement to help overcome your skin concerns.

Skin Hydrating Masque 2.5 oz $41.00
skin condition: all
Refresh and restore stressed, dehydrated skin with this soothing blend of botanicals.
Skin Refining Masque 2.5 oz $41.00
skin condition: oily
Bentonite and Kaolin clays pull excess oils and impurities from the skin, while natural Zinc and Menthol deep-cleanse.
Sebum Clearing Masque 2.5 oz $46.50
skin condition: blemish-prone, oily
Cooling clay masque helps clear and prevent breakouts. Use after cleansing to enhance skin clearing and control the main factors that contribute to breakouts. Oil- absorbing clays help detoxify skin as Salicylic Acid stimulates natural exfoliation to clear pore congestion. Soothe aggravation brought on by breakouts with cooling botanicals, and help purify, refine and eliminate excess oils for clearer skin. Formulated without artificial fragrances and colors.
Multivitamin Power Recoveryâ„¢ Masque 2.5 oz $49.00
skin condition: all
Super-concentrated antioxidant vitamins and botanicals dramatically calm and reduce the redness associated with stressed, prematurely-aging skin.

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